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The Legacy

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Author of Futuristic Fantasy


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The Legacy (working title)


Some invitations should never be accepted.


All Sol wanted was to serve his country alongside his twin brother as a Tower Elite. But that dream is shattered when they are blamed for a tragedy that Sol fears Renden might have caused. Sol is given the opportunity to save his brother’s future if he will accept the Speaker’s invitation to join their ranks. 

They claim Sol comes from a long line of Speakers. They claim there is an alien menace hiding in the shadows, waiting to devour all of humankind. They claim the key to humanity’s salvation rests within him. Resistant to embrace a heritage he knows nothing about, Sol agrees simply to free his brother. But Sol’s lack of knowledge about his family’s past is used against him, for the Speakers have their own agenda and it doesn’t include Sol discovering his legacy.

Genre: Futuristic Fantasy

Status: First Draft

Awards: Finalist for 2022 ACFW First Impressions in the Speculative Fiction category.

Finalist and Longlist for 2022 Page Turner Writing Mentorship Award. Click Here to Read My Entry!

Space Supernova


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