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About Me

Hello and Welcome!

Here’s a bit about me.


I find wonder in how our world works through studying the past to predict the patterns of our future. This might be due to my first passion and career as a weather forecaster, but it certainly does make life more interesting when I’m not hunched over my computer, madly typing to pin down my strange and fantastical worlds.

Why I Write

What I Write

Why I Write

I specialize in dystopian and futuristic fantasy novels, written to inspire readers to discover hope in a broken world. My goal is to create relatable worlds that unveil the grit and hidden potential residing in us all.

My writing is prompted by our struggle to connect with others and acquire the (sometimes) elusive sense of belonging. That motivation has come from two key experiences in my life: the military and Uganda.

Military Service

Military Influence

After ten years of military service, I floundered to integrate back into the civilian lifestyle and community.

This transition period made me keenly aware of the power a subculture has in shaping your view of the world and the way you believe it ought to behave. It has opened my heart to other subcultures in America and how they often form as a beautifully messy attempt to satisfy our yearning to belong and be known.

Non-Western Culture

Culture Influence

Then there’s Uganda—the county and people who stole my husband’s heart. Uganda is where I learned that speaking the same language did not guarantee your words would be translated the way you expect.

In the midst of culture shock and isolation, I discovered God’s ability to connect diverse people together and bridge these seemingly insurmountable cultural chasms through our shared relationship with Jesus Christ.

K.A. Dowd

Join with Me
in the Adventure

You’ll discover pieces of what I’ve learned from these amazing adventures scattered throughout my stories. You'll see why I believe we have untapped grit residing within all of us, waiting to leap to life's challenges.


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