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Do you feel like the universe needs to take a break from all the troubles, trials, and tribulations going on? Had enough of the surrounding devastation that your heart can't handle another personal trauma or global crisis?

Want to scream out "Enough!" in the hope it reaches the right ears to let us rest and heal?

I did.

And I got an unexpected answer back.

When is Enough, Enough?

I felt like I was life's punching bag in a boxing match on its tenth round, and I wasn't sure I wanted to get back up and enter the ring again. Winter was releasing its grip to spring, but there was still a chill to the air as nightfall had descended. Outside with the barren trees and twinkling stars, I asked God, "When is enough, enough?"

I wasn't expecting an answer. I figured I just had to suck it up and bear this latest hope-killer to its bitter dregs. Instead, God answered.

There, in the sky, was a full moon, shining a stark white through the patchy cirrus overhead. And enclosed around it—a rainbow.

I stopped in my tracks and stared. I knew the scientific facts that could trigger such a phenomenon. How the ice crystals of the frosty clouds reflect and refract the hidden sun's beacon of light upon the moon. I could have geeked out with complex mathematical equations of the transmissivity and reduce the amazing light show above to variables and numbers. But a simple statement came to me instead.

I trust in a God who knows when enough is enough.

Promise to Know when to Stop

Anyone familiar with those classic Sunday School stories will recall the story of Noah's Arc. How God planned to destroy the world, yet saved two of every kind, placing them in an arc that Noah built according to God's blueprint? And when it was all over, and the waters receded, God created the rainbow as a promise that He wouldn't destroy the world by water ever again?

The heart of the story is that God knows when to stop. He knows when enough was enough. And that rainbow? It's a promise from an omnipresent, omniscient, Creator-of-the-Universe God that He knows when to stop.

I'm not talking about a pinkie promise here. I'm talking about a covenant, sealed-in-blood kind of promise that will last the rest of eternity. A promise that even if I don't remember it or have faith in it, it will still exist.

Because this God can't forget and refuses to break any promises He makes. He's that kind of God.

To top this answer off? A month later, God did it again. Full moon. Cirrus clouds. Rainbow.

Just in case I forgot and needed to hear it again.

How about you? Has God been echoing an answer back to you?

Or are you still unsure if God really exists and wants a relationship with you? Perhaps this experience of mine might get you curious to ask God a question yourself. Keep those eyes open as His answer might not be what you're expecting.

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