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Ingredients for a Miracle

Frustrated by where you are at? Feel like you need other factors to happen first before you can move toward that goal you have always wanted to achieve, but haven't yet?

So many times we yearn for the finished product, thinking we don't have what we need to get to the finish line until this or that happens. In those moments, we are distracted by focusing on the end result, unable to see we already have all the raw ingredients we need to make it happen.

I Don't Have Much

How can I do this or become that when all I have is this?

Too often we underestimate our own worth and skills, believing we need to become someone else to fulfill our purpose. Or we need our circumstances to be different. Or to achieve something we don't have before we will go out and step into the life we were created for.

What is holding you back? Is it fear you aren't good enough or prepared enough or talented enough? Or is it fear of what you won't have if you gave what little you do have?

It was Christine Caine who asked that question, and it stuck with me.

Maybe stuck is the wrong word. It bothered and gnawed at me, pacing a new path in my mind. Challenging me to stop waiting for things to happen, but to go out there and start doing, even if it seemed like I didn't have much to offer.

Even if I failed at it.

Even if I had to restart over and over and over again before getting it right.

I'm pretty sure I'm like most folks and have moments where the negative "what ifs" stop me from stepping out in faith and taking a risk to achieve a dream. You know, those thoughts like what if I fail or what if it's all a waste of time and money or what if I lose their respect. These fears over what might happen in the future have a tendency to talk me out from seeing the potential in what I might gain by taking that leap.

But what if the little I have is more than enough to accomplish huge things in this world? Wouldn't that be miraculous?

Living Without Regrets

I'm trying to shift from letting all the disastrous "what ifs" drag me down to dreaming big and daring to hope over the wonderful "what ifs."

What if it worked?

What if it wasn't all a waste?

What if this was the first step in many that will lead me to the future I always wanted and hoped for?

We need to overcome our fears and doubts and those nagging "what ifs" by believing that what we have right now within our grasp is enough to do exactly what we were born to do. Each day, give what you have. Let your goal be what drives you forward, not what holds you back from starting, being faithful to put in the hard work one day at a time.

I have found that this is the recipe for living a life with no regrets. I'm proud of what I've put forth out there, knowing the cost it has required me to give—a cost that comes with no guarantees I'll get the future I want. But the risk is worth it. My small, raw ingredients are creating a beautiful masterpiece that is even more amazing than I had hoped or expected. It makes me wonder if I need to dream bigger.

It is so much more fulfilling to live a life pursuing my dream and purpose than living a life of regret because fear prevented me from trying, devaluing what I had to offer. The little in your hands can become much in the hands of God. He is the Great Multiplier, after all, if you will just trust Him.

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