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Pursue Your Dreams

Updated: Nov 21, 2020

What's stopping you from pursuing your dreams?

Is it fear? Is it making the time to commit to it? Is it the thought that it is too late? I have discovered I can find a 100 different reason to not pursue a dream, and it tastes like sand and ash in my mouth. So I started asking myself, "Why not?"

Take the Risk

After asking myself why I wasn't pursuing a dream or goal or passion, I asked myself a second question. What's the worst that could happen?

I could fail. I could be awful at it. I could look like a fool.

I found speaking my fears out loud loosened their hold on me. Some fears were ones I could nod my head to in understanding, and others were paper tigers when I exposed them. In the end, I asked myself a third question.

What's the best that could happen?

Ahhh. Light shone out from the clouds of fear and despair. Hope emerged from where I had tried to hide it away. Joy bubbled up and excitement coursed in my veins.

The possibilities of what it would be like after I carved out time in my weekly schedule to pursue a passion I had cradled close to my heart for years and years. To put in the hard work and energy and tons of false starts before I started to see headway. Would it be worth it? Yes! The embers of my secret dream started to glow once again.

The first steps of living a life of grit instead of one ruled by fear is challenging, but way better than looking back with regret and wondering, "What if?" Take the risk.

You may amaze yourself at the rewards your courage reaps.

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